Fastcomet Coupon Code – Shared Hosting 75% OFF!

In today’s internet dominated world, every company wants to come online with their website. But not all of them own their personal servers. That is where web hosts come into play. Web hosts or internet hosting service providers host their clients’ websites on their servers. One such excellent web host is FastComet.

Let’s get to know more about FastComet and FastComet Coupon Code in this article.

What web hosting services does FastComet offer?

FastComet is an internet hosting service provider that first started its business back in 2013. Over the years, the company has grown to have 11 data centers worldwide, with more than 70000 employees. The company offers various web hosting plans like Shared web hosting, open-source hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers. Other than web hosting, the company also provides domain registration services and FastComet Site Builder.

Cloud that solely operates on SSD

The entire cloud infrastructure of FastComet is based on the latest SSD hardware. The SSD Hosting make the servers more responsive than a traditional hard disk. The company claims they provide 300% faster access to the files and databases than non-SSD using hosts.

Powerful hardware and CDN

The company offers powerful CPU and RAM combinations for all their hosting solutions. Even for their beginner plan for shared hosting, they offer 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. There are higher options available for the shared hosting service that goes up to a 6-core CPU and 6GB of RAM. All their servers are equipped with cPanel as their management software. The software helps you to manage your hosting account with an intuitive user interface.

Cloudflare CDN

FastComet uses Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to distribute the content of a website to its users. The company has 11 international datacentres. The content is transferred to the nearest datacentre to the visitor through the CDN so they can instantly access it. The entire process effectively speeds your site up and keeps your visitors happy. And now, you can use this excellent service at an even lower price with the Fastcomet Coupon Code.

Free transfer of your old domain

The company offers a free domain transfer service with their solutions. With their shared hosting solutions, you get to transfer your previous domains absolutely free of cost. FastComet transfers your domain to their servers for free for the first year. In the FastCloud plan, you get to move only a single domain. But with higher share web hosting plans, you get the ability to transfer up to 3 domains with a single account.

45-day refund policy

Being a well-reputed company and keeping their customer’s satisfaction a top priority, FastComet offers a 45-day refund policy on their shared hosting plans. Suppose you don’t like the service they are offering, or you want to unsubscribe for any other reason. In that case, you get the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time and get all your money back within the first 45-day period. The company also offers a 7-day refund for their VPS and Dedicated servers.

Freely Migrate Between plans

You are free to migrate between the plans of a given service. The entire migration process is overseen by experts. They migrate all your files, emails, databases in a fully managed way and leave no work to you. With this excellent feature, you can start with the most basic plan and upgrade it if needed.

Regular backups and premium support

FastComet really shows their professionalism and care for their customers by offering free backups on a regular interval. Many hosting companies provide backups, but they usually charge a fee for it or charge after a certain number of backups. FastComets offer the service entirely for free. With the service, your data is secured by backing it up daily and weekly.

Even if something goes wrong, the company’s technical support team will help you solve any of your problems. The professional tech support team really cares for your website. It can help you with any query or issue that might arise.

Signing up

The Signup process for the company is simple. Select your desired plan form the website and click ‘Get started.’ On the first page, register a new domain or transfer your old domain to their servers. On the next page, provide billing details and contact details and additional info to complete the purchase. You will need to enter the Fastcomet Coupon Code as well on the second page to avail of the discounts. Finally, complete the order.

Plans and Pricing

FastComet Pricing

Three plans are offered for their shared web hosting service. The basic features are included in all the packages with differing additional features. The Fastcomet Coupon Code applies to all the programs and helps you get discounts. The plans are:

  • FastCloud: FastCloud is the first plan in the roster, and it starts at $2.95 per month. The [lan lets you host a single site with a single license and has all the core features and functionality.
  • FastCloud Plus: The Plus plan is the immediate upgrade to the basic plan and is priced at $4.45 per month. With the FastCloud Plus plan, you get the ability to host unlimited websites with a single hosting account along with some additional features.
  • FastCLoud Extra: The FastCloud Extra is the highest plan offered in the shared Webhosting line-up. The plan is priced at $5.95 per month and offers additional advanced features like 5-layer Caching on top of the previous pack.

FastComet Coupon Code

FastComet Coupon Code

Maximizing customer satisfaction has always been a top priority of FastComet. And to ensure customer happiness and easy accessibility to its services, the company offers various Fastcomet Coupon Codes via throughout the year.


It is the latest coupon code that the company is offering. With the FastComet Coupon Code, you will get 70% off on all their shared Webhosting plans.



  • $5-day money-back guarantee for their shared hosting plan
  • Cloudflare CDN with free cPanel account
  • Managed DNS even with just domain registration service


  • The renewal fees for the plans are higher.

Overall, FastComet is an excellent choice for a Web Host. And now, with their Fastcomet Coupon Code, they are more affordable than ever before. The company’s premium services at such modest rates can easily be why you choose their services.

How To Redeem Cloudways Promo Code With BloggingScout?

This Cloudways Promo Code Review should help you pick the best hosting for your website. You can read a lot about Cloud Hosting from various web hosting review websites, but there are many hosting companies that offer low cost or free hosting plans. Most of these cheap hosting plans have limited features and they just do not suit your needs.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the best one for your particular hosting plan. One of the most important things to consider is the bandwidth you need. It’s best to keep the minimum bandwidth requirement so that your website doesn’t run slow and makes it load slowly.

Cloud Hosting has come up as a promising way to host your website. Nowadays it is becoming popular because of the technological advances it provides. Cloud Hosting offers you multiple servers which are positioned in different places in the country or in the world, to ensure quick access to any data.

Cloudways Free Trial Hosting

There are many web hosting providers that offer free trial accounts and then you can get a standard account afterwards. If you sign up for such free trial accounts, then you will be offered free credit on your accounts. That way you can use the free credit to check the hosting service before committing to it.

Cloudways Promo Code

Some web hosting providers offer free trial accounts with limited credit and limited bandwidth. Before subscribing to any hosting plan with these providers, you should check out the free trial accounts, to see if you are getting the best deal.

Some Web Hosting Providers have websites where you can sign up for a free plan and enter the promotional code “cloudways” into the sign up form to receive 20% discount. This promotion code might be valid for all the services offered by the company.

Cloudways Free Trial

A Few Popular Cloudways Promo Codes

Many hosting providers offer their own unique offers that can save you up to 50% of the amount you would pay for a standard plan. The advantage of using this code is that it can save you money and still provide the same features as a standard plan. It is one of the best discounts in the industry today.

Cloud Hosting is getting popular because of its low-cost advantages. Using a paid plan gives you a large variety of control over your website that is not available when you use a free plan. A professional website host can add a huge amount of information to your website, giving you full control over your site.

You will also gain the security that comes with a hosting plan, but it’s important to remember that the hosting company is not going to install any viruses or spyware on your computer. You do not have to worry about downtime because of hardware failure and there is less risk of viruses because Cloud Hosting is more advanced than the conventional hosting. So in order to get the most out of Cloud Hosting, you should start by finding a good provider.

For example, at any given time you can take advantage of a free trial hosting plan. This will give you a chance to see what Cloudways can do for you before you commit to a long term plan. In fact, Cloudways offers a very affordable web hosting plan that has an unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited e-mail accounts.

One way you can enjoy Cloudways pricing is through their promo code. With a Cloudways Promo Code, you can enjoy discounts on some of your most important Cloudways features.

The only way you can grab discount on Cloudways is to use the cloudways promo code which can be easily found on You can refer to this page for a few more cloudways coupons & deals.

The Cloudways Discount may save you more money than you think. Simply enter the Cloudways Promo Code below. You’ll receive a code to use whenever you make a purchase on Cloudways. It could mean saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.

Total Promo Codes10
Free Trial Deals1
Coupon Codes5
Promo Codes4

With Cloud Hosting, you can easily launch your website with only a couple of clicks. Cloud Hosting has made it possible for small businesses and individuals to have a professional website. Today, Cloud Hosting is offering hosting services to each and every one of us.

There are many advantages of Cloudways Hosting. It is the most secure way to host your website with high quality service at low costs. In this way, you can add your website at a very low cost, by using the Cloud Hosting Promo Code “Cloudways”.

If you have not received the Cloudways Promo Code yet, don’t worry, because you have lots of chances to get it. Just enter the Cloud Hosting Promo Code “Cloudways” in your hostingaccount’s code box, and you will surely be granted a low priced hosting account.

Cloudways Hosting Review 2020

Have you heard of Cloudways Hosting? If you are wondering what Cloudways is, you may have heard of it because of its recent pop culture appearance in the movie, “The Social Network.” This review looks at how a Cloudways Hosting company can save you money and give you the customer service that will make you want to use their products.

Cloudways is not your average web hosting company. Their customer service is superior. When a person emails Cloudways and they do not immediately respond to the email, that can be very frustrating. When a customer has waited weeks or months for a response to a support question, a company that does not want to be contacted takes that money, gives up on their customer support and moves on to the next host.

Cloudways Hosting will also offer advice to a potential customer that can take some of the pressure off their shoulders. The types of tips that they will provide may sound corny, but for any business owners that are trying to get their product out to customers, it can be a nice touch.

One way that Cloudways Hosting can help is by setting up a newsletter. These newsletters are not promotional and can be used for the simple fact that anyone who has a website should receive one. A lot of small businesses do not have a lot of time to create newsletters, and this is one way to be able to offer information to those that need it.

Another way that Cloudways Hosting can help is by having tools that can be useful to a small business. Some of these tools are web hosting software. They can help to keep a small business running smoothly, while at the same time being able to expand a business as they grow. It is not only a plus for the company, but also for a small business owner.

This is where I would say that Cloudways Hosting can help the customer. For small businesses, they can help to grow a business by providing the small business owner with a host with which to grow.

One of the other reasons that Cloudways Hosting will help small businesses is that they offer price discounts that are better than many companies. This is something that could be very important to a small business owner, because they have to be able to compete with other small businesses on price, especially in today’s economy.

This type of price cuts can mean money saved, and a better user experience for the company. If a company can eliminate more than one thing, that is a plus to their customer base.

Another reason for a person to check out a Cloudways Hosting company is that they provide free hosting. This is something that has become popular recently, and most companies are giving away some form of free hosting for the new and the old alike.

Cloudways offers the type of hosting that many smaller businesses may be looking for. Their hosts have gone to great lengths to put them on par with the bigger companies, but still have made sure that they remain competitive in their pricing.

A person that is a small business owner can benefit from this type of hosting as well. They can get some type of hosting at a lower price than they would expect, but at the same time, enjoy the quality of a large company with quality customer service.

Cloudways Hosting has some of the best customer service of any hosting company on the Internet. If you have a question about the hosting you need, you should probably ask the person at the front desk. The help is there for you, and they are friendly enough to answer any questions you have about the company.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers (Cloudways Alternatives)

The World Wide Web has a lot of tools for us to use to compare the services offered by Best Cloud Hosting Providers. We can do this on the internet as well as in the physical world. Whether we are at home or outside, we can consult and use these tools.

To compare services, we first need to know what kind of service we want. Is it a professional IT service provider? A web design service provider?

It is the above question that dictates the type of service we want and that will help us select our chosen vendor. We should also look at the experience and years of experience the vendor has been in this industry.

Remember the reputation of a vendor can have a major impact on your purchasing decision. If a vendor is perceived to be a scam artist, his/her services may become a target for other scam artists.

If we are in the process of choosing Cloud Hosting Services, it is important that we know what the contracts are. This is a basic requirement of any contracts that you may receive. Some are standard and some are longer term.

Make sure you read and understand all security guidelines and technical documentation. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract. You should not enter into a contract without understanding all terms and conditions and without fully understanding the software as well.

We must also have a list of specific items that we want in our hosting contract. In the event that we cannot fulfill one of these requirements, we must find another hosting provider. This is extremely important.

From the time we plan to sign up for Best Cloud Hosting services, we must find out the cost of this hosting plan and we must be aware of what other customers are saying about that plan. Compare the plans and prices from the numerous vendors.

We should then comparison shop the various packages offered by Cloud Hosting Providers. Some packages may be available in your area, but there is no guarantee that the price you are quoted for a package that is available in another area, is going to be the same as the final price.

You also need to consider that the quality of the plan you are offered is not going to be the same as other packages that are available. This is also true for the price you pay. If you are paying a higher price for the same package, it may be due to lack of quality service.

Another point to consider is the availability of technical support. There is no way to know how well technical support can stand up in the event of a problem.

When you are taking the time to compare the various hosting plans and prices, you are bound to find the Cloud Hosting services that are best for you. We should consider all these things before we make our decision.